Hello and Welcome to Programming Language Chatter!

A Little About this Site

My name is Micah J. Olson and I am currently  a student majoring in Web Development.  I am a computer fanatic and can become obsessed with almost anything tech related.  The purpose of this website however is to write about the different types of common programming languages people are using in today’s world.

I feel that there can be a lot of confusion involved for those who are interested in programming but do not know exactly where to start.  I myself tried to pick up this trade when I was just thirteen, but do to what seemed an overwhelming amount of knowledge being required to start, I dropped the idea of ever becoming a programmer.

Years later and after exploring many different areas in the tech field, I landed back on programming.  I was able to talk to a couple different professional programmers in the C# language, and what they told me was I just needed to grind through it and eventually concepts would start sticking.  This proved true, though I have picked up a few different tricks along the way to speed things up!

Through different articles that I will be writing, I would like to discuss some of the different programming languages as well as concepts and tricks to help others decide what languages to learn and some methods of going about doing just that!