Should I learn the C# Programming Language

So why should you learn C#?

So out of all the different programming languages, why should you invest the time to learn C#? Well to start off, lets first talk a little about this language.

The C#, pronounced “C-Sharp”, language is a general-purpose, object orientated, programming language that was created by Microsoft for application development.  C# is a high level language, meaning it reads closer to the English language, making it less difficult to use.  C# is a statically-typed language.  This essentially means that it is more strict about how you code something, but in return can check for errors before you build your solution.

The C# language can be used on all sorts of different fields.  For instance, the game engine Unity uses C# for game and application development While various companies use the platform for developing websites and web applications.   C# is a fast, mature, and beautiful language that has a massive community.

The Average Salary for a C# Programmer is between 55k and 121k.

Sample of C#:

using System;

namespace ProgrammingLanguageChatterCSharpDemo
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Console.WriteLine("This is a basic demo of C#!");


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  1. I know that you are more valuable to a company if you know C#. You also have more opportunities available to you as well.

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