What is the best programming language to learn?

So you want to learn to program.  That’s Good! Programming is an amazing field and can be very satisfying to have the ability to create new software of all different types. There are hundreds of different programming languages out there, so what language is the best programming language to learn? Well this depends on what you are trying to do!

Lets face the facts.  It takes a serious investment of time and effort to learn a programming language, so you probably do not want to waste time learning the wrong one for what you hope to do.    So what do you want to program for? Below I have listed some different reasons you may have for wanting to learn to help narrow down the language that is best for you:

You want to become a Software Developer

If you are looking to become a programmer to develop software, there are a few different languages used.  To help narrow it down a bit more, I have listed some different devises that you may want to develop for and the language used for it:

For iOS and MAC:

Programming Language: Swift

For Android and Linux:

Programming Language: Java

For Windows Phone and Desktop:

Programming Language: C#


You want to develop Games

Games are created in many different languages, but most are being developed in C# or C++.  So what one should you choose? Well once again, that depends:

You want to work for a AAA Game Company

Most AAA game companies use C++ as their development language of choice.  This language has bee around for a while and has proven to be very powerful as well as having amazing performance.  Most studios have been using this language for years, and many of their tools are written in C++.

The downside of this language is that it has a higher learning curve, taking more time to learn.

You want to work for an Indie Game development company or for yourself

If you are looking at creating your own games, or working for an Indie game company, C# is the language for you.  This is a very powerful language that has been time tested.  It is used in many of the latest game engines on the market, and can be used on nearly all device types, including the web.

The downside of learning C# is that if you want to work for a AAA company, they may only be using C++.


You want to create your own websites

If you are interested in developing your own web platforms, there are two different areas you should ask yourself about. There is the Front End development part and the Back End part.  The front end is what you see when you go to a website.  It is the framework that you interact with, the artwork you see, and the cool animations that you interact with.

The back end is where the logic takes place on the server machine.  This is where you manage account creation, logging in, user date, content generation, data storage and retrieval,  and any other sort of functionality you wish the web platform to have.

There are a few different languages you must learn in order to do these tasks:

Front End Development

With the following languages, you will be able to create nearly anything you have seen online.

HTML5 – Build the framework of your website

CSS – Style your website

JavaScript – animate your website

Back End Development

With these languages, you can add functionality to your website as well as have a place to store your data.

PHP – add functionality to your website

SQL – Store and retrieve website data

You want to learn an interesting new skill

For those of you that simply want to get a foot in the door and experience programming, you should check out a language called PYTHON.  It is known for its ease of learning and can be used to create many different kinds of simple applications or games.


There are hundreds of different languages, and many of them can be used in different ways.  Know that many developers learn a handful of different programming languages.  Once you learn the first one, the rest start coming easier, and much of the way they work is similar.



12 thoughts on “What is the best programming language to learn?

  1. I hear a lot about Linux and Java, but because i’m not very… program savvy I haven’t heard of the others. More information, always good to learn what you can.

  2. Great breakdown and uses of the different programming languages for each field. I would have liked to have seen this before I started down the web developer path. I may have made a few different choices along the way. Each language is a new challenge, one has to be ready to put the time in to learn it properly.

  3. Hi Micah,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, and it’s because you used the “right” language. I have tremendous admiration and respect for programmers and coders. It takes a certain attention to detail and a desire to learn a new, and unique language. I don’t have the patience to practice coding.

    You have communicated effectively because you spoke to a broader audience in terms they can digest, that is not easy for programmers and coders to do.

    My brother confounded a company with a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), that wanted to spark innovation by building collaboration through small networks. Their challenge was teaching brilliant people, who have great ideas, to communicate more effectively so they could promote and build on their ideas within their own organization, or to other potential partners. If you’re interested, check out 7CTOs at your leisure.

    Language is a gift, and you wielded it well.

  4. Wow lots of information on programming. My advisor asked me if I was interested in this field since he has seen my coding with HTML/CSS stuff. I have always kept this in the back of my mind as a second option if my first choice doesn’t work out for myself.

  5. That was an excellent overview of many programming/coding languages. I have learned how to use HTML and CSS over the last two years. It’s been a fun learning experience, and perhaps I will learn bits and pieces of some of the other languages you mentioned.

  6. It sounds like you are very knowledgeable on this subject! This is not my area of expertise at all, but I have learned something new today. I appreciate all that programers do and admire how they can learn this language.

  7. I had no idea there were so many different codes out there. I honestly don’t think I will ever learn one. though I am understanding some of HTML which from what I understand isn’t really a code language.

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